Best Firestarter Kits For Hiking Camping Backpacking

Best Firestarter Kit For Hiking, Camping and Backpacking: Best Picks & Guides

When it comes to camping, hiking or backpacking, fire is your best friend. It can make food and water safe for consumption, provide warmth, and let you signal for help. However, windy, cold, wet weather conditions can hamper fire building.

So how do you fix this issue? The plain answer is a fire starter kit. The good thing is a number of fire starters are available for backpackers everyday. However, the issue is not all of them are worth your purchase.

You need a good-quality fire starter that will stand the test of time and serve you better. If you need help on getting the best firestarter for backpacking, check these top-rated items to pick the right one for your next outdoor trip and get ready to strike some magnesium!

Our Best Backpacker Firestarters Kit Recommendations

Fire Piston 5 Pack Fire Starter Campfire

Camp Fire Piston 5 Pack Fire Starter

The Fire Piston contains a hollow cylinder (3 to 6 inches in length) open at one end and sealed at the other end. A piston with an airtight seal (circular) is fitted into the cylinder. To ensure a firm grip, the piston features a handle on the end.

Once you apply the grip, this best backpacking fire starter will strike without causing any pain. The piston has a notch on its face wherein a piece of char cloth is placed. When the piston is rammed into the cylinder, the compression of the air causes the interior temperature to rise to 500 degrees Fahrenheit quickly. This, in turn, ignites the char cloth. You can then remove the smoldering char cloth from the face of the piston and transfer it to a larger nest for kindling material such as a paper towel or jute twine.


  • Usage – Using the Fire Piston 5 is pretty easy. You don’t have to expend a lot of time to start a fire. With the pressing of a handle on the piston, you can start a fire at your campsite within seconds.
  • Pricing – Buying a good fire starter for camping or backpacking can be a costly affair. However, the Fire Piston 5 is priced modestly. Even people with a low budget can own this high-quality product for camping and hiking activities.

UST Sparkie Fire Starter

UST Sparkie Fire Starter

The UST Sparkie features a one-handed operation in a compact, lightweight design. Built on the premise of the BlastMatch™, you can operate the Sparkie with one hand and create fire even in the most adverse weather conditions. It comes with a configured striker tab enclosure as well as a spark bar.

Weighing less than one ounce, the Sparkie is a high-intensity fire starter that could be used even when you’re injured. In order to lengthen the lifespan, the spark bar could be rotated within the bar holder. With so many amazing features, it’s one of the best emergency fire starters for outdoor uses.


  • Comfort – The UST Sparkie rests comfortably in your hand. The compact body features a rubberized grip wrap. This, in turn, gives you maximum control as well as comfort during usage.
  • Pricing – As with any other product, the price is an important consideration. The good news is the UST Sparkie is priced in the economical range. By shelling out a small amount, you can accompany this highly-useful tool for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Arcadia Gear 3/4″ x 6″ Large Diameter Ferro Rod Fat Boy

Arcadia Gear 3:4 x 6 Large Diameter Ferro Rod Fat Boy

The Arcadia Gear has a long-lasting Ferro rod that you can count on when making fires matters most. Featuring a customizable wooden handle, it can easily start fires even on a rainy day. With robust sparks that shower at about 5,500 degrees Fahrenheit, starting a fire has never been easier. Depending on its usage, you can expect the item to last longer.


  • Ease of usage – Some high-end fire starters are difficult to use. You ought to get handy with the product in order to ignite a fire. However, the Arcadia Gear is pretty easy to use. Also, it’ll last longer even after starting numerous fires.
  • Pricing – Most of the high-quality fire starters are high-priced. You may end up disturbing your regular budget on owning such a product. The Arcadia Gear, on the other hand, is priced in the most economical range. Without denting your wallet, you can get a useful fire starting tool for your outdoor chores.

KonvoySG Carbon Steel Fire Striker, Flint Stone (English) and Char Cloth Traditional Hand-Forged Fire Starter

KonvoySG Carbon Steel Fire Striker English Flint Stone and Char Cloth Traditional Hand Forged Fire Starter

Nothing excites outdoor enthusiasts more than a well-packaged fire starter that delivers quick results all the time. In this respect, the KonvoySG  best fire starter outsmarts its competitors. It’s an ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels and experience.

This high-quality fire starter includes everything you need to generate an efficient fire within seconds. Unlike a lighter or matchbox, you’ll never run out of gas. The amazing steel carbon generates a high-temperature spark with just one or two strikes. Also, it works fine even in wet, windy conditions. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, this wonderful fire starter is expected to produce at least 10,000 strikes.


  • Comfort – KonvoySG has a team of specialists that aim to offer quality and comfortable survival gear. Made to the highest standards, the fire starter fits conveniently in your hands during all weather conditions. Consequently, producing fires becomes easy even in windy and wet conditions.
  • Longevity – The KonvoySG fire starter is built to last longer. It can withstand harsh weather conditions and produce fires in times of need. The performance of this striker and flint will let you generate fires quickly on numerous camping and hiking tenures.

Ultimate Survival BlastMatch Fire Starter

UST Ultimate Survival BlastMatch Fire Starter

Engineered for all weather conditions, the BlastMatch works well in arctic, desert, jungle as well as marine environments. The spring-loaded flint bar rotates 360 degrees to prevent uneven wear. The beauty of this good firestarter is it’s a one-handed fire starter that produces intensely hot sparks with minimum efforts. Above all, the compact size allows you to easily pack the BlastMatch on every outdoor activity.


  • Convenience – Using the BlastMatch striker is a breeze. Since it’s a unique single-handed operation striker, you could engage it with the press of the thumb button. Even kids can use it effortlessly with proper adult supervision.
  • Longevity – The BlastMatch striker is built to last longer. Whether you love surfing woods or deserts, this is a must-have tool in your backpack gear. With little care and attention, you may enjoy the companionship of BlastMatch for many years.
  • Pricing – Price is an important factor that should be considered when buying a backpacking fire starter. Some fire starters are high-priced, whereas others are low-priced. While the high-priced items may not suit your budget, the low-priced fire starters may not perform well. You need a fire starter that will produce quick fires without costing much. This is where the Ultimate Survival fire starter surpasses its counterparts.

Other Options

Here are a few more excellent options as well:

Concluding Words

Fire is really important when you’re out in the woods or jungles for hiking, camping or backpacking. However, choosing the best firestarters for backpacking isn’t so easy when you need to light some tinder.

A lot of factors need to be considered before totaling on a fire starter that can serve your needs correctly and won’t let you down in times of need. However, checking hundreds of fire starters can take a lot of time on your end.

You can ease this chore by acting wisely. Just assess a few highly rated fire starters (listed above) in view of your specific requirements, and you could have the right one for your backpacking adventure.