Best Tactical Belts

Best Tactical Belts 2021 – Top Options For Specific Uses

Tactical belts are great. They allow you to carry essential items with immediate accessibility and can be your savior in difficult situations.

While you can carry everyday items in your tactical belt, their true glory is achieved in emergencies, training, and rescue situations. Instead of fumbling for the equipment you need, you can clear one hand access to them in the blink of an eye.

Tactical belts have been a big part of the American life and given their popularity, it’s not a surprise that the market is flooded with brands all promising the maximum safety, efficiency and comfort.

However, it’s important to realize that tactical belts are not a one size fits all solution and from the wide array of options in the market, you should be selective and informed about what belt suits your needs and priorities right while staying within a given budget.

To find out what tactical belt will suit you best, you need to be fully aware of what situations you’ll be using it the most and what items you need to carry in them. This can range from a simple comm radio to guns and knives to ropes and flashlights.

To help you decide what tactical belt meets your requirements, we have recommendations when looking for the best tactical belt with different key strengths at the forefront:

Our Good Tactical Belt Recommendations

Overall for Any Occasion – Bianchi 7235 Black Nylon Belt System

Bianchi 7235 Black Nylon Belt System

Our pick for the overall most recommended belt is Bianchi 7235 Black Nylon Belt System for a wide number of reasons. Usually belts are focused towards one area of strength but this bad boy delivers on all fronts. Versatility is the name of the game and the Model 7235 Duty Belt System promises you capacity and versatility with 6 keeps, a liner belt and a duty belt. This tactical belt also does a great job at providing holster support and firmness through its 5-part laminate construction.

The belt has a ballistic weave exterior along a loop lining and comes with a polymer stiffener trapped between two closed-cell layers. The stiffener does a great job at reducing sagging and provides additional load bearing support to the holster and the keeps. The two closed-cell layers ensure that you get all the power of the belt and none of the discomfort.

The belt is specially designed to make sure you are able to hold your ground in a struggle or in a rescue situation without any accidents happening. The Coplok® polymer buckle is shatter-resistant and features an ultra-secure, three-point release that remains closed when under tension.

So if you’re looking for a king-of-all kind of a belt, Bianchi 7235 Black Nylon Belt System is the way to go.

With Cobra Buckle – High Speed Gear Cobra IDR 1.75″ Rigger Belt

High Speed Gear Cobra IDR Rigger Belt

If you’re a stickler for safety, Cobra buckles must be something you’re excited about. Belts with cobra buckles are able to provide incredible safety and efficiency at the same time. Cobra buckles put safety first before anything else.

Their quick release is known to the safest, a master of craftsmanship, and the strongest available anywhere. Despite being a stab-lock fastener, it does not budge under weight, making it the best choice for safety. To further this protection, the High Speed Gear Cobra 1.75″ uses D-ring in conjunction with the Cobra buckle.

The belt is constructed out of 138 nylon threads in 5 rows, bound together by proprietor adhesive, which give it the ideal stiffness without being uncomfortable to wear. Buying a The High Speed Gear Cobra 1.75″ leaves your mind free because it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

For Men – Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt

Grey Ghost Gear UGF Battle Belt with Padded Inner

Grey Ghost Gear is a strong name in the market for their innovative approach to increasingly lighten the tactical belt. The best example of this the UGF Battle Belt which is a lightweight two piece platform. The belt has been designed to aid the shooter trying their hand at the shooting range. Instead of a cumbersome, heavy belt or even carrying multiple belts because one was not enough to carry all of their attachments, UGF offers you a lightweight holistic solution.

The belt consists of a 1.5 inch inner belt and a 2 inch outer belt which come with several attachment points, freeing you up to customize the belt as you want for the maximum efficiency and comfort. The belt has sturdy hooks and loop strips which make sure your attachments are strongly secured without delaying your access to them.

The belt uses the cobra lock, which makes it safe and capable of holding more weight than weaker models in the market. One of the extra perks of the “inner-outer” belt model is that after your training, you can take off the outer belt and your attachments, without worrying about the inner belt. The feature gives this belt a definite edge over other types of belts.

For Women – Mei Xu Belt Canvas Tactical Belt

Mei Xu Belt Canvas Tactical Belt

Mei Xu Tactical Canvas Belt is made with the focus of being lightweight combined with agility. If you want to move fast, you will find carrying this belt better for your tactics. It is a great choice for sports and travel as the military belt is made of nylon material which makes it light and long lasting even with high frequency of wear. This belt will last will you for a long time as a viable and strong tool. The nylon material also lets sweat be evaporated by making the belt breathable which makes it feel more flexible.

This belt can be worn in any season, due to its style and shape, the belt goes well with shorts, jeans, cargos because of its lightweight design. The strap of this belt is TWICE as strong as a seatbelt strap which shows how much consideration has gone into ensuring its safety. You will find the enhance safety one of the best benefits of this type of belt. The belt is highly corrosion and oxidation resistant which makes it long lasting.

The main waistband is a telescopic buckle allowing you to adjust it for maximum comfort with high durability and safety. The buckle is of high grade metal which not only looks fashionable but also gives the belt a high weight capacity enabling you to add attachments as you want but primarily for daily use and outdoor work.

1.5 inch – Watchdog Tactical, EDC Belt 1.5″

Watchdog Tactical, EDC Belt 1.5 Cobra Metal Buckle

For those of us who like a simplistic design without compromising on quality, Watchdog Tactical’s EDC belt is a catch! You got one of the most durable belts without having to endorse some flashy gimmicks that are overdone in most types of belts. The belt is bespoke and Hand Made by Watchdog Tactical using a 100% scuba webbing (1.5″) and Kevlar stitching, giving it extreme durability and wear resistance.

This tactical belt is ideal for Everyday Carry (EDC) with its convenience of double layered design and a cobra metal belt buckle which guarantees safety with its rating of 1500 lb. in strength for maximum hold. A nationalistic sentiment is also very apparent as in Watchdog Tactical’s product as there is no third party purchasing or outsourcing, the EDC belts are made by veterans in Charlotte North Carolina. It should be noticed that while this belt doesn’t have the versatility and capacity to be a high grade military belt, it is great for everyday use.

For Concealed Carry – Relentless Tactical the Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Gun Belt

If you want to carry your gun without it being obvious, whether for duty purposes or just availing your second amendment right, The Ultimate Steel Core Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt is the right belt for you. These are high quality belt design to host your gun in a simplistic manner, without everyone else noticing that you are carrying a weapon.

This is a star in Relentless Tactical’s armor as the Ultimate Steel Core Gun Belt is the highest rates tactical gun belt on Amazon. While it has been a star for a while, the manufacturers recently upgrades the belt by adding a spring steel core. The concealed core is practical with a strong grip and firm functionality,yet it is also fashionable- it has enough strength and space to hold your weapon along with plenty of extra ammunition but is discreet and stylish enough to be worn every day without being too obvious.

The belt doesn’t go into being too fancy and instead delivers on exactly what you want from it: it doesn’t roll over, sag, split of stretch like cheap department store belts do. This belt is not meant to showcase a fashion statement, but it’s an instrument to give the best function. The brand’s confidence is visible as they provide a lifetime guarantee and replace your belt with no questions asked. The Ultimate Steel Core Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt is also sourced from the highest quality of leather in USA and hand made by US craftsmen.

For EDC – FullTang Tactical 1.5″ COBRA EZ-ON EDC Belt

FullTang Tactical 1.5 COBRA EZ-ON EDC Belt - Hybrid Buckle

One of the main things that one should be looking at when choosing an everyday carry belt is the ease of use and the comfort of the belt. If you carry your gun for long you want a belt that will make things a lot easier for you when moving around. Anything that’s even slightly not comfortable on your body will grow into a big nuisance very soon and dishearten you from using your belt especially for longer durations.

One of the best things for people looking for a good belt is that the Cobra EZ-On EDC Belt is extremely easy to release with the quick-release Cobra Hybrid Buckle. You can now take your belt off without removing the buckle as the bel’s female end of the buckle is 1.5 inches in diameter, which can easily pass through normal belt loops.

On top of this is the security and surety of a hybrid Cobra buckle which is the world’s highest quality safety hardware machined from the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy for military, SAR, fall-stop, para-sport and mountaineering with over a 2,400 lb. looped load capacity. EZ-On EDC belt is a ballistic grade belt with two layers of stiffened nylon scuba webbings and triple-stitched heavy duty nylon threads. This too comes with a lifetime guarantee and is handmade within the US.

Nylon – Fusion Men’s Trouser Type D “Era” Belt Pack

Fusion Mens Trouser Type D Era Belt Pack

Era edition of Fusion Trouser Belts have perfected everyday carry with their Fusion Trouser Belts which are made from 2 layers of military grade webbing put together with a raptor buckle. The Raptor buckle allows for a quick release as well as an extremely on and off operation allowing users to move away from removing the buckle and instead just sliding out the female end of the buckle through the loops of a normal trousers.

The added top layer of the belt offers firmness and support with mil-specific webbing, leaving you free from the worry of rolling, sagging or stretching. This is a great medium weight carrying belt which is well concealed and takes around half a minute to put on.

This belt allows you to carry out one hand operations and is lightning face in cases of emergency, giving you full control over your weapon and ammunition. While the Raptor buckle is not as strong as a Cobra, it is ideal for EDC as it adds no extra weight and is strong enough to carry your weapon and the ammunition you need to carry with it.

To top it all off the Fusion Men’s Trouser Type D “Era” Belt Pack looks great and will go along well with any bottoms that you decide to wear, making it truly everyday and fashionable.

Leather – Hanks Everyday – No Break Thick Leather Belt

Hanks Everyday - No Break Thick Leather Belt - Mens Heavy Duty Belts

The feel and aesthetic of a leather belt is something hard to find in tactical belts as the firmness they require usually takes manufacturers to nylon. However, if you consider yourself more a leather kind of guy or a gal, Hanks Everyday – No Break Thick Leather Belt are made specifically you in mind. We agree completely when the manufacturers describe the leather used to make this belt as “Tough as an American bull but a little better looking!

Hanks Everyday Belts are made in the USA from solid, full grain, 12 oz. leather that will outlast you.” Made right here in the US, the belts promises no cracking or splitting even at the holes of the belt. A work of art, the leather for this belt is one-cut right from the hide and takes months to handcraft all within a very humble price tag.

Hanks Everyday makes a great looking belt without compromising on performance which shows as the belt doesn’t sag, twist or bend- things we all hate so much. The belt doesn’t pack the power of the Cobra and instead uses a Chicago Screw which is not only secure but also allows for easy replacement, allowing you to upgrade the buckle if you need. Even normally, while you’re stuck with the difficult to replace buckles other brands offer, a Chicago screw is easily available in the market without making too much of a dent in your pocket.

For Police and Military – Fusion Tactical Military Police Riggers Belt

Fusion Tactical Military Police Riggers Belt Generation II Type C Black

You can easily start off with how versatile this belt is by its capacity: It can hold your hand carry, two spare magazines, and a couple of knives with ease. It is really comfortable to wear and has a very light weight allowing it to an EDC. The Fusion Riggers uses a Raptor quick release button offering you a confident fast release. The belt is stitched with a 5000 lb. rated nylon loop which together with the raptor buckle makes the last-chance belt irrelevant, giving you greater freedom and a truly lightweight day.

This belt does a great job with concealment as even with your weapon and accessories packed in, all it needs is a t-shirt to make it seem like a completely normal belt. Regardless of how much weight you put on the belt, it is sure to retain its shape and not deform even over a long period of time. The buckle is not removable but the belt is constructed in a user-friendly manner and doesn’t take long to be taken off. If you want to get a ton of compliments and look comfortable while supporting your weapon, this is one of the belts that you should definitely consider!

Final Tactical Belt Thoughts

In conclusion, when searching for a best tactical belt, we again advise that you do your research as well as planning around how you intend to use your tactical belt. Most tactical belts in the market are great but they all have their pros and cons which should be taken into account when making a decision. If you’re looking to buy an everyday carry, also be considerate of the importance of style and fashion for you.

Some of the bigger belts, although excellent in performance, are not great looking and can add a rather bulky or off-putting feel to your personality. However, if you’re looking for a training belt or an on-duty belt, you need great performance and can compromise on quality.

The tactical belts listed above do a great job at not being too heavy or complicated while doing their job well. Make sure you buy a belt that’s just the right size around the waist for you, as well as the holsters that you are more comfortable with. Remember, high performance is directly based in comfort so choose something that makes you comfortable and lets you shine.